Select item(s)

Select items by left-clicking on them, hold shift to select multiple.

Rotate item(s)

Rotate selected items by choosing “Rotate left/right” from the right-click menu, or use shortcuts “E” & “R”.
Rotating multiple items will rotate them around common center instead of individual local center.

Jog item(s)

Jog selected items on x/z axis by using arrow keys. Hold shft and use up/down arrows to jog up/down. Hold cmd/ctrl for smaller jog distance.

Generate horisontal truss

Select two ujb’s (truss corners) on the same axis, and choose “connect” from the right-click menu, or use shortcut “C”.

Align items height

Select two or more items, and choose “Align height” from the right-click menu. Items align to last selected.

Generate fabric / molton

Select generated horisontal truss, and choose “Generate fabric” from the right-click menu, or use shortcut “F”.

Change colour

If selected items allow colour change, a colour picker will appear in the right bar. Can be used for colouring objects or lights.

Upload image to fabric/backdrop/molton

Right click fabric, select “upload image” this will allow you to choose an image from your computer.

Re-scale fabric and LED screens

Click on a piece of fabric or LED screen, a tool should appear then on your screen displaying  4 arrows with a (+) sign in the middle, clicking these arrows will scale the item in the default start axis. If you click the middle (+) symbol it will invert the arrows and let you adjust the size in the opposite direction.

Led screens functions

Input from camera = right click, select “Camera”.

Input video from computer = right click, select “upload video”.

Input image = right click, select “Image”.

Toggle audio = right click, select “Toggle audio” only applicable with video.

move to center

applicable to most items, right click an item and select “move to center” this will move the selected item to the center point of the grid.

select all items on grid

CTRL + A (PC) or CMD + A (MAC).