How to “Turn on” a fixture

  1. Place out fixture(s).
  2. Select fixture(s) by left mouse clicking (hold shift to select multiple).
  3. Choose a fixture group from the dropdown in the right sidebar.
  4. Go to the virtual mixer tab by clicking the fader icon in the top bar.
  5. Select the channel(s) of your fixture(s) on the left side of the mixer.
  6. Disable blackout.
  7. Adjust  fader 9, 6 and set a colour.


Blackout is a feature for toggeling all lights.
It’s on by default, and has to be disabled for fixture lights to be visible.

Location: Light control tab -> system buttons -> black and yellow button.

Faders 1-10

Faders 1-10 is currently in use within GS Gaffer, a description of what they do is listed over every fader strip.

Faders Speed/Fade

The “Fade” fader controls the speed of the cycle itself.

The “Speed” fader controls the amount of time between each scene change,  and should always be higer than the “Fade” fader.

Example: if Speed is set to 0,4 seconds and Fade is set to 0,5 seconds, the scene will not have enough fade time to complete the scene before scene change.

Fog/smoke button

Lets you turn on/off volumetric lights (Fog effect) on lights individually.

Location: Light control tab -> system buttons -> black and yellow button.

Sync SF

Synchronises “Speed” and “Fade” faders to the value of the “Fade” Fader.


Temp solution.

Pyro is fired from  Location: Light control tab -> system buttons -> black and red button.

Assign Fixture groups

Fixture groups “addresses” the fixtures within GS Gaffer, they can be accessed by placing down a light and while selected, in the upper right corner select  a channel of your choosing.

multiple lights may share the same Fixture group.

using Fixture groups

Go to the light control tab, on the very left you may see “fixtures” with numbered buttons underneath. these buttons corresponds directly to any fixture group.

To see more groups, simply click the arrow on the right of “fixtures” to view the next 12 groups.

Example: Assign a fixture channel 1, select  group number 1 in the light control tab, now all faders and buttons only effect the fixtures assigned to channel 1. you may control several channels at once.

wipe Faders

sets all faders and fixture selection to default (does not erase anything its more like a shortcut)

Location: Light control tab -> system buttons -> black and yellow button.


Rec = Records a scene .

Clear = clears a scene.

Clear all = Clear all scenes.

Play = Plays all scenes from 1 to your last recorded scene then loops.

Scenes = There is 16 scenes on each page, click the arrow at the right of “scenes” to select the next 16 scenes.

Pipeline for recording scenes:

1: Set fixtures to desired setting.

2: Click REC.

3: Click on the first available Scene.

4: The scene is now recorded, and is now available for playback either by clicking or hitting “play”.