Gaffer for free!

GAFFER (current edition) is now available for free!!!
And if the crisis continues we will do the same with 2.0 once its release ready.

No this is not click-bait. We as well as you are in the live event industry depending on events to keep us going, and like many of you we have had almost all of our shows canceled for the foreseeable future.

So what are we doing?
We have removed the need for a subscription to log in to Gaffer and in that way made it voluntary for you guys to pay for our services until the situation in the live event business normalizes (any support would be greatly appreciated and put towards development of 2.0. But as i said COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY)

But seriously it would help a lot.. xD

Why are we doing it?
There are several reasons and i will list them here:

– We know that the pandemic is a great strain to all of us and we wish to do our part in saving the entire event business from falling flat on the ground, although we are just a small piece in this big puzzle, we hope that Gaffer will help you to get back on your feet, or if not, just have a simulator to keep you busy until this crisis has passed.

– We always need feedback even tho it is the old version still utilizing the old truss system and stuff like that.

Hope you all are well:
your colleagues


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