v1.0.2 Change log

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What is new in Gs Gaffer v1.0.2?


Changes in the User Interface (UI):
  • Added project name.
  • Added “Learn” menu item.
  • Removed timeline.
  • Added virtual light console.
  • Reworked load menu.
New features:
  • Added Virtual light console.
  • Auto save every 10min.
  • Added blackout button.
  • Added fog/smoke button.
  • Added “wipe faders” button.
  • Added sync speed/fade button.
  • Added record 64 scenes.
  • Added 48 fixture groups.
  • Reworked global light  settings.
  • Added Zoom/angle to fixtures.
  • Reworked all light parameters.
  • Added flash buttons.
  • Added MIDI controller integration.
  • Added saving for: RGB, Fixture group, intensity, zoom, strobe, gobo rot, gobo.
  • Added WASD movement in free camera mode.
  • Increased default map size.
  • Improved global performance.
  • Added scale tool.
  • Added scalable box stage.
  • Added skybox.
  • CTRL+A (PC) CMD+A (MAC) now selects all items.
  • CTRL+S (PC) CMD+S (MAC) now saves project.
  • Native midi support for Operator 192.
  • Added MIDI mapping profile to “Download section”
  • Added lense light.
  • Added category “people”


Added and changed Models:
  • Imperial sized decks.
  • Imperial sized incline.
  • Drummer on every kit.
  • Drummer on tank riser.
  • Guitar player Strat.
  • Bass player.
  • Singer.
  • Crew.
  • Piano player.
  • Modular LED Screen.
  • Bigger line arrays.
  • Scalable fabric.
  • 256m2 mobile stage.
  • Megapoints light.
  • Maverick Light.
  • Platinium FLX light.
  • Intimidator light.
  • Grandstand lower and upper part.
  • Metric decks height: 0,4 – 0,6 – 0,8
  • Moving LED bar light.
  • Re-Scaled and re-colored  mic stands.
  • Moved Mics to Audio.
  • Added grill to 2×18 subwoofer.
  • Inflatable roof Q2914.
  • orange 4×10 bass cabinet.
  • orange 4×12 guitar cabinet.
  • orange amp.
  • Par x4 on tripod + draped version.
  • Tripod 1,5-2,5 draped.
  • wireless mic receiver.
  • Draped/sleeved 3012 truss.
  • Stirrup.
  • T-piece.
  • Swapped Keyboard model.


Added settings:
  • Floor size
  • Shadows
  • Skybox
  • Rotate speed
  • Pan speed
  • Scroll speed


New environments and views:
  • Green screen.
  • Sketch.
  • New “plank floor” texture


Bug fixes:
  • Fixed Dj Hex fixture.
  • Fixed smoke machine direction.
  • Fixed multi item ID issues.
  • Fixed weight system.
  • Fixed “Fligh guitar” typo.
  • Fixed light not responding to objects.
  • Fixed category list position after scrolling in previous category.
  • Fixed Image upload now works on Mac.
  • Fixed colliders on mobile stages.
  • Fixed colliders on tents.
  • Adjusted snap to grid.
  • Fixed T-5020 truss stacking.
  • Color preview now corresponds correctly to view.
  • Improved light placement on truss and stage.


NB: List may lack certain fixes / updates.

2 thoughts on “v1.0.2 Change log

  1. Wesleyhv
    Wesleyhv Reply

    I love this program! There are little things that need some work. i hope to se clean screens and not only led with blocks 🙂

    • Andreas
      Andreas Reply

      Thanks for the feedback, we have added it to our list 🙂
      We are glad you enjoy the software, and think you will enjoy it even more when the new big update comes out soon!

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