Current state of GS Gaffer

Hi people

about time to give you some news regarding the software, so we put together a list of things we have improved within the release edition, this list is a bit limited but i guess it will suffice for now. As for the release we are aiming on a release about two months from now.


-multiple performance tweeks.

-keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+C and the rest of the obvious ones.

-better design for the Light, Pyro and object animation.

-most of the reported bugs has been fixed.

-over 100 models added.

-added scaffolding

-added imperial measurement stage decks

-login screen now remember users

-environmental light can now be adjusted

-sub categories have been added

-multi select is now available holding SHIFT

-omni directional rotation on all objects


-Cost calculator

-Art net or other DMX interfaces

-video export

-3D model import tool

-multi language support

-DMX management tool

-sound coverage simulation

-rider creation tool

Also we have decided to walk away from the “firestarter” setup we used previously for the pyro aspect, this means that we have decided to use a timeline split in 3 or four separate parts, and if our plan works out this timeline will let you add music, object animation, light viz, and pyro animations in a easy and intuitive way.

We have completed the packing list feature and are extending that one to smartly arrange an editable load order after the “first in last out principle” and a cost calculation tool built in to this system.

And again all your support is what keeps us going as we are only two dudes working on this project. We are prepared to work with this full time as soon as we get the first edition out to you. If you have any input or ideas please drop them below.


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6 thoughts on “Current state of GS Gaffer

  1. M t B Reply


    just a quick question; will there be a beta update before the release or planning to make some sort of trial version?

    i mean no offence but; the initial state of the beta was promising but not there yet. unless you are planning to price the app ~$50 it wont be wise for many people to invest to an app, which we have no chance to see if it works or not.


    • Glenn
      Glenn Post authorReply

      HI. For us it does not make much sense to update the beta, GS Gaffer is a software that will always be expanded and updated. As for a trial version, we have not decided yet how we are going to solve that part, but rest assured you will know how the software works without ripping your wallet in half. 🙂

  2. LXRescue25
    LXRescue25 Reply

    I would LOVE to see Projection, Projection Mapping, Projector Lens Options, Ect. i deal with that kind of thing alot, and it would be awesome. Also, being able to build walls would be nice. ya know, for theatres and stuff. LOL

    • Glenn
      Glenn Post authorReply

      Hi Caleb 🙂 walls are in our “to be added folder” just waiting for DEV to implement them.
      Projection is a subject im currently thinking a lot about, im trying to find good ways to make it work in GS Gaffer.
      If you have any suggestions on a good way to do it, send me a mail at

  3. David vadillo Reply

    Hi, guys I just used your program for the first time. I’m impressed with how easy it is to use.

    But I have used WYSIWYG and Vivien and VectorWorks a lot. I believe what you have made it much easier to get designs done Quickly. it kind feels like sim city for Av industry it’s easy.

    Things that I feel should get added are as follows to be truly utilized as a tool for designers.

    Every item should be able to do what the led walls do add more by clicking an arrow.

    Also, we should be able to rotate but a real rotate so if i want to make a diamond with a led panel I can.
    mirror items, simply copy and past anything.

    For lighting, you need to have the martin, elation, Chauvet, clay paky, Adj, high end, fixtures

    For video more projector big projectors 10k & 20k Barco, Christie, Panasonic and screen 9×16 screen fast fold screens, big screen also for blends.

    add pre made-stage sizes like a 40×40 12×12 just add a lot more 3d models of everything dome stages.

    In the latest version of your software, the line arrays don’t apper when I try to add them just the line arrays.

    added Ballroom settings more looks.

    Also, a cool feature that would be great would be what Resolume Arena dose with its notes /hints anywhere you hover your mouse on the left side of the screen it explains what that button functions are.

    you’re in the right direction keep up the good work.

    • Andreas
      Andreas Reply

      Hi David, thanks for checking out our software!
      We have been working hard lately to make sure GS Gaffer is not only fun and easy to use, but also has features that make it worth using in the business. Those are some great ideas, and we have added them to our backlog. We are happy to see you joined our community, and look forward to continuing making GS Gaffer a good product for our users 🙂

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