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We had a sudden urge to tell you guys about some of our progress and news regarding  GS Gaffer, but first;

Thank you all so much for buying the Beta, we have sold more copies than we would ever believe possible 3 days ago, especially when you take into account that we gave out about 2000 beta keys for free during our one month sign up period. We have seen people buy multiple keys just to support us and let me tell you, we see every one of you, it really helps us a lot with all of the expenses in creating a software such as GS Gaffer.

GOOD NEWS, we have decided to give every beta tester a discount on the finished product. For those who do not have the Beta, it is available for a short time in our store.

As of now we have added a lot of stuff to the release edition of GS Gaffer some of it i will list below and some of it we will keep secret.

New models and functions added as of now:

-Scaffolding in most sizes and variations available.

-More speakers and arrays in the audio category.

-Piano, Grand piano and more instruments in the Backline category.

-Different kinds of platforms and inclines/ramps in the platform category.

-11 Flights/road cases added in scenery.

-Bar desk, lecterns, soda coolers, chairs and tables with and without drapes.

-A new category named “electricity” containing different kinds of cable gates, generators and centrals.

-Mobile stages have been added and more will come in different sizes matching their real life counterparts.

-Racks and cases.

-Placeable people.

-Fabric generator for molton etc, with a colouring tool for easy customising.

-Raise lower truss function (applies to all objects in the software)

-Ability to nudge objects and ignore grid.

-Tents and Gazebos.


This is all im going to share of the new features as of now. 🙂

2 thoughts on “New features and other stuff

  1. robert Reply

    Hi, do you have sleeve block in the new version as the beta does not do anything now?

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