About Us

25 years of friendship has lead us to where we are today, One Programmer and One 3D Artist.
We have many years of experience with rigging, lights, sound and other related aspects of the scene industry.
We also have expertise within different programming languages, 3d modelling and web services.
We aim to keep all competence in-house, which let’s us be effective and flexible in our work.

Our mission? To revolutionise the way you plan stages for small or big shows, concerts, festivals and more!

Latest News

Gaffer for free!

GAFFER (current edition) is now available for free!!! And if the crisis continues we will do the same with 2.0 once its release ready. No this is not click-bait. We …

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Some designs made in GS Gaffer

Some designs made in GS Gaffer. GS Gaffer has been out for a while already, and we are happy to see that so many people enjoy it! We have listened …

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v1.0.2 Change log

What is new in Gs Gaffer v1.0.2?   Changes in the User Interface (UI): Added project name. Added “Learn” menu item. Removed timeline. Added virtual light console. Reworked load menu. …